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Global G836KB Messerset (5 Stücke)

Hersteller Global Messen
Art.Nr. global g836kb messenblok set 5delig
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Global G836KB Messerset (5 Stücke)

Global G836KB Messerset (5 Stücke)

Made in Japan.

Design: Komin Yamada

The GLOBAL knife block in this set is equipped with slots for 10 knives and one additional slot which can accomodate our Global Kitchen Shears or one of our shorter sharpeners. 

This set contains next knives:

- G-2 Cookes knife, 20 cm

- GS-9 Bread knife, 22 cm

- GS-11 Utility knife, 15 cm

- GSF-15 Paring knife, 8 cm


The revolutionary design of designer Komin Yamada was registred in 1985 by manufacturer Yoshikin. The seamless design makes the knives very hygienic because there is no risk of bacterial growth. 
Global knifes have a sharpening angle of 15-17degrees which results in a longer sharpness compared to a traditional European knife (angle of 20-22 degrees). 
The knifes can only get sharpened on a ceramic sharpening steel or a diamond cutter.
Cleaning of the knives: with hot soapy water or with warm water. Do not forget to dry thoroughly to prevent oxidation spots. Oxidation is always possible if the knife is not cleaned properly.

Global Block Messerset - Global G-836KB/LC - 5 Stücke - 4943691836069

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